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Other Involvement – around 20% of shares fit into this group. They are relate to the fact that people feel the desire to share something with their friends and shares want to help them in some way, e.g. by sharing reviews. Message Involvement – also reflects about 20% of the cases. This is when we share content because it is especially noteworthy for its information or humor. 64%What does modern research say about this? That’s how it was translate 50 years ago. Currently, the Internet and social meia have made us share: more content, from more sources more people more often, faster. And why are we doing it? The Psychology of Sharing One of the recent reports on why people share content online (otherwise also readily share) is The Psychology of Sharing by The New York Times.

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In this study you can find a lot of statistics about what motivates people to share content online. stat Who shares the content: 6 types There are also 6 types of personalities, guide by different motives in sharing content online. They were divide according to, the phone number list desire to present themselves, the role sharing plays in their lives and the value it has for them. Altruists – share content because they want to be seen as thinking about others and caring for love ones. The content they share most often via email is helpful and creible. Career people – such people want to be perceive as well-read, intelligent and knowlegeable in the subject.

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They mainly share business-relate issues, which is why they choose LinkeIn for this. Hipsters are young people who are popular and active on all social WS Database PH networks. They share content because they want to be perceive as creative, creative, distinguishe by. Boomerangs – content to appear engage and provocative. They expect feeback from others and use mainly Twitter and Facebook.

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