Choose a professional template

Read also our other article .Working at Google – earnings, what it looks like. Where to look for offers . Your cover letter will write itself – if you use LiveCareer’s cover letter creator . Answer a few simple questions, and the program will generate a professional work letter for you with one click. Cover […]

The second one involves tasks

Assessment center – other tasks There are also other exercises during the AC session. Behavioral interview (competence-bas interview) During this task. The assessor talks to the candidate in such a way as to learn the effects of his or her actions. Thanks to this, it can check whether a given person has features and competences […]

This exercise involves preparing

The case study will check, among others: Your creativity, analytical skills, knowlge of a given industry and problem-solving skills. In-basket This is one of the popular assessment center tests for a managerial position. In this exercise, the candidate must analyze the documents, reports or e-mails provid to him and, on this basis, develop an action […]

Core algorithm updates so far

Core algorithm updates Release date Week of March 5, 2018 (around the 9th) Completion date. Yet to be announced Google announced an update to its core algorithm in early March 2018. Google is constantly implementing algorithm changes to improve search results. We have announced that we will perform extensive updates several times a year and […]

It is concerned with resolving, with precision

As possible, you need to understand at least the basics of search engine optimization (SEO)Of course, the more you know, the better. But even if you know just a few fundamental principles, you can take your blog from a disappointing. Performance to a good one. We have created several other posts that explore the basics […]

Effective advertising on

Your email address will SEO Leave a comment not be publishe. Mark requirefields Comment Name Email Enter word SEO Post navigation the Internet Rules for underst Conversion Measurement. Campaign ing user experience Users come first Return to Funkymedia blog Year Month Day SEO. How to check the visibility of your website on the Internet These […]

What I want them to do on my site

What I want them It looks like there are other updates related to links that aren’t specific to Penguin, but appear to penalize certain types of links. Article marketing, article directories took a hit. Earlier this year, some directories such as general web directories, paid submission directories, and friendly directories took a hit. And, because […]

Innovation management

Innovation If you think that adopting innovation management through digital transformation is a matter of choice you need to rethink your way of looking at the market . It is precisely the successful implementation of this set of practices that prevents the business from stagnating in its niche in addition to acting directly on the […]

Last time we introduced the basics of webinar marketing

From webinar planning to management and follow-up. This time, we will explain the steps and how to use Zoom to hold a webinar. If you have any problems with digital marketing, please feel free to contact us. Introduction to marketing Difference between Zoom Last time we meeting and. Zoom webinar I think many people have […]

Decide who you are writing for

Planning an effective title for your resume is very useful for buyer personas as they will help you focus on the people you want to reach. Identifying your target audience will help your headline appeal to them. Ask yourself what your audience wants, such as: What are they worried about before buying?  Are they looking […]

The mium that allows for the wide distribution

It is a long-term process and requires coordination. Of activities on several different levels. At the same time, however. Google searches are very useful. They allow for basic optimization of even blog entries. They also help you reach the intentions of your potential customers, thanks to which you will be able to precisely respond to […]

Which performs best seo guide

First of all, modern website optimization techniques are us, such as content optimization, HTML code optimization, image optimization and link optimization. In addition, analytical tools are also us that allow you to monitor and analyze positioning results. Thanks to this, you can draw conclusions and make appropriate changes to improve the position of the page […]