Choose a professional template

I will be grateful for any possible contact from you. Yours faithfully Maciej Kowalski Self-presentation – an example of a professional summary. I am a certifi mathematics teacher with over years of experience working in a high school . In the average result of the extend secondary school leaving examination in mathematics among my students […]

The first weeks of a new

Where your superiors will observe and evaluate you for a long time. It’s worth starting with a smile and an open, cooperative attitude. Commitment, willingness to learn and respect for colleagues are the basis on which it is worth building good relationships in a new workplace.  job are also a time to demonstrate your sense […]

Which you can build your positive

Here are some examples of self-presentation goals in various situations in the content of the e-mail with your –  documents in your and cover letter – receiving an invitation to participate in the recruitment process at a job interview – getting a job at work – creating the image of a specialist, getting a raise, […]

The art of self-presentation

Self-presentation is a way of communicating who you are or who you want to be perceiv as. It includes statements, appearance, behavior and non-verbal signals that a person sends to the environment.  very practical skill that is useful in many life situations. Fortunately, it can be practic. In this article you will learn the techniques […]

The preparation of each

Walmart uses virtual reality technology to optimize training outcomes and simulate scenarios with customers. Amazon uses thousands of robots that improve the company’s operations and force its employees to find new, different roles. However, the largest companies already know that modern technologies are most effective when people and machines complement each other. And robots and […]

What do our respondents say

According to the already mention Frey and Osborn. The professions most at risk of automation are such professions as seamstress. Telemarketer, insurance underwriter, driver, cashier, secretary and receptionist, cook, payroll. And benefits manager and accountant. To the question What would you do if it turn out that machines would replace you at work? . As […]

The percentage of affirmative

Won an art competition . Interestingly, however, according to our study, only  of Poles believe that robots could do their jobs better than them . And the longer the professional experience of the respondents, the lower answers only among people working for over years and as much as  among people who are just starting their […]

How do they see their career

the development of artificial intelligence and losing their jobs to machines.  Here are the results of our study. Robotization and work automation – what are Poles most afraid of? At the beginning, we decid to empathize with the heroes of a science fiction movie and ask our respondents about their fear of advanc technology. As […]

The font on a is important

Choose the right font  not only for aesthetic reasons. Some fonts may not be readable by ATS. It’s best to choose a simple and uncomplicat typeface – one that the human eye will have no problem reading. Decide on the right template A well-made should be legible, transparent and aesthetic.  may cause problems for both […]

This is a fundamental issue

Showing information about the platform the candidate appli through. Supporting you in managing and deadlines, and even help create an appropriate advertisement. To put it simply and generally, ATS is a comprehensive recruitment system that helps automate and optimize the work of the HR department by organizing the necessary data about candidates. When you are […]

The latter is bas on questions

The Applicant Tracking System captures keywords from candidates relat to specific skills ne for a given position, professional experience and other information contain in the professional . Thanks to this, from all the applications sent by candidates, recruiters can select those that best meet the company’s nes. Let’s be clear – HR managers do not […]

Things to consider when designing a website

Website design is becoming popular and almost all fields need to buy, sell or exchange online or introduce partners. So before a perfect product is born, what do we need to prepare? As modern technology is increasingly developing, network information and things related to the internet are given great attention and concern. Therefore, every website […]