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Won an art competition . Interestingly, however, according to our study, only  of Poles believe that robots could do their jobs better than them . And the longer the professional experience of the respondents, the lower answers only among people working for over years and as much as  among people who are just starting their careers. research work automation  Are we at risk of technological unemployment? Research by Frey and Osborn from Oxford University from  shows that between, approximately 700 professions may disappear as a result of computerization.

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What do Poles say about this? Over 63% of our respondents believe that the development of artificial intelligence will result in an overall increase in unemployment . The youngest were once again the most pessimistic – the affirmative answer was Art Director Email List chosen by almost  of respondents under years of age and less than  of people ag  or more. who do not believe in the increase in unemployment caus by the development of technology prict a different scenario. About of respondents in this group say that robots will make people’s current jobs easier , which basically reflects the intentions of scientists working

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Another 21% of respondents in this group believe that thanks to automation, people will be able to focus on more creative tasks in their current job, and one in five believe that people will look for jobs in new technology-relat sectors. In turn,  of respondents Mexico Telegram Number List in this group believe that work automation will be slow, so current employees will retrain. It is worth noting here that PWC pricts three waves of automation that may lead to technological unemployment. The first of them will take place in the 2020s and will most affect people with  the second and third waves in  in production, warehouses and drivers.

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