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According to the already mention Frey and Osborn. The professions most at risk of automation are such professions as seamstress. Telemarketer, insurance underwriter, driver, cashier, secretary and receptionist, cook, payroll. And benefits manager and accountant. To the question What would you do if it turn out that machines would replace you at work? . As many as of Poles say that they would improve their qualifications to control the work of robots . Another 28% of people would prefer to change their profession or industry. Every tenth respondent would support legal changes aim at helping the unemploy.

The current economic system

Would support changing or transforming . Moreover, almost 84% of survey Poles believe that artificial intelligence should only help current employees, not replace them. research work automation . Robotization and work automation? Yes – but not at any AT&T Email List cost It cannot be deni that robotization and artificial intelligence pose a serious threat to the world as we currently know it. Therefore, at the end, we ask our respondents about the possibilities of solving this situation. Our research shows that  of Poles support legal regulations that are intend to protect current jobs.  the most effective in the fight against technological unemployment: shorter working week  unconditional basic incomeprohibition or partial limitation of companies in the use of technology  unemployment benefits.

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The respondents consider

Other answers includ. the ne to improve employee qualifications at the employer’s expense, relief for entrepreneurs, supporting the unemploy in finding a job, economic freom minimally regulat by the state, creating additional jobs and helping employees Cambodia WhatsApp Number List change industries.  the quality of our lives in the future . And almost out of  respondents support robotization and automation of work as a consumer. research work automation So what will the labor market look like in a few years? The largest employers are already using advanc machines. Coca-Cola was support by AI tools in the decision-making process regarding the introduction of a new flavor of the drink to the market.

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