A different group of your audience

I am not talking here about not creating long materials in general – often the topic is so interesting that a large number of characters is its additional advantage. However, people have limite time, so they are more likely to choose short stories instead of long articles, and video instead of text. 3. Customize content for different devices People use many devices, so your content should be adapte to both mobile and desktop. If they take too long to load or display poorly on mobile devices, people won’t want to read them, let alone share them. 4. Post to different places 72% of respondents like it when companies choose several channels to communicate with customers.

The development of technology

Not everyone follows your blog directly and often there is on different social networks. If you post the same content in different places, you will increase its reach, thus giving a chance to more people to admire it and pass it on. 5. Quality, quality and database more quality Focus on creating high-quality content base on solid research. However, thanks to, this content is not only text, but also images. So make sure that your entries are not only substantive, but also visually attractive. What’s next? Making your content share is not an easy task, but when it succees.


That will help you detect shares

Worth taking the next step, i.e. reacting to it in some way – thanking you, liking such an entry, a longer comment. Social networks make your job easier WS Database PH and let you know when someone directly retweets your post. However, it is Internet monitoring that your account, for example on Twitter or Facebook, does not know about. Use Brand24 , prepare the right project, stay up to date and react.

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