The approach and strategy of running a university

Media monitoring provides many indicators, allows you to measure the level of sentiment, user involvement or the scale of reaction and information. Do you include these indicators in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns? Or going further, also in the process of brand plans and meia plans, as quantitative and qualitative goals that you set? When it comes to the study of sentiment, it is an issue that is certainly constantly being improve at your place, because – let’s face it – it is still a difficult topic to fully automate. Therefore, every post that raises any doubts is verifie manually with us. In the case of the involvement or reach/influence of our users, we are not indifferent to this data from the Brand24 tool. We follow the most influential or active people.

A communication channel

At the moment we do not yet have a develope mechanism of cooperation with “university influencers”, but in the future it will undoubtely be necessary to create such a mechanism and implement it. 6. In your opinion, can the use of Internet monitoring affect? Base on whatsapp mobile number list this data, can you optimize and improve what you do, thus responding to the nees of students and employees? Of course. We regularly prepare analytical reports base on Brand24 and Google Analytics tools. The information containe in the reports is becoming more and more important and influences decisions regarding promotional activities month by month.

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This decision result

The best example is that during the last recruitment WS Database PH for first and second degree studies, we decide to launch a paid advertisement on Facebook. in the fact that over 200 registere candidates indicate the advertisement on Facebook as the place where they learne about the recruitment for studies. Thanks to increasing the awareness of the importance of social meia as at the University, we are starting to act more boldly and better.

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