Mongoose Library for Mongo

The Swagger Tool for API documentation generation and testing. DB database operations. Sequelize Library for relational database operations. Axios Library for sending HTTP requests. Bodyparser Middleware for parsing HTTP request body data. 6. Performance optimization To ensure API performance the following measures can be taken Asynchronous operation Use an asynchronous programming model to avoid blocking the main thread and improve response speed.Encryption and decryption are powerful tools to protect data security.

Data security is a crucial issue

In modern application development. Encryption italy phone number and decryption technologies are widely used to protect sensitive information from malicious theft or tampering. As a popular framework, it provides developers with simple and powerful encryption and decryption tools. This article will introduce in detail the encryption and decryption functions to help you better protect the data in your application. A basic concept of encryption and decryption Encryption.

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Encryption is the process of

Converting plain text data into cipher German Whatsapp Number text data so that unauthorized people cannot understand the data. Use expansion and encryption algorithms to ensure data security. Decryption Decryption is the process of converting ciphertext data back to plaintext data. Only a person with the correct key can perform the decryption operation and read the original data. 2. Use of encryption and decryption to configure the encryption key. Before using the encryption function, you need to configure the encryption key of the application.

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