Exercises Will No Longer Work

We have heard it before—the need to “do more with less.” But the situation is different this time, and much more difficult. Drastically reducing costs is a major undertaking, not a normal budget-cutting exercise. And, importantly, it presents an opportunity to not just cut programs and discretionary costs, but to transform how government does its business.

Traditional Budget-Cutting

Across-the-board cuts and undifferentiated Crypto Users Number freezes that affect all programs and services in the same way can have perverse effects. Rather than looking only at program cuts, leaders and managers should view the need to achieve drastic reductions as an opportunity to reconsider their entire organizational structure as well as program business models.

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Traditional Cost-Cutting

Exercises Often Prove to be TemporaryMore successful organizations invest in central staff who help identify systemic costs associated with organizational and program complexity and supply chain improvements. In doing so, they Algeria Phone Number must be mindful of two important points.A big risk in the current cost-cutting debate is that not enough attention will be focused on the opportunity to improve operational performance by being smarter about the way government does business.

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