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So if this happens, the GA automatically set up by. Google should be able to collect basic data about users and traffic, even if we don’t have a Global. Site Tag gtag now – because we have UA implement by Google Tag Manager. However, it is not entirely sure if this will happen. Because other Google documentation gives us such information Source ssupport googleanalyticsanswer ?hl=en Should I let Google set up and configure the GA service automatically. It depends. Consider what you would like to measure and analyze in different time frames in a week, a month, a year.

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In the vast majority of websites that I have seen so far. Automatically configur GA will only collect basic data without e-commerce data . without revenue data. In order for data on revenues, product views, basket additions, etc. to be collect automatically, these events must be implement in the data layer of the page Data Latest Mailing Database Layer in the form of gtag, . If the Data Layer is implement only as a push, . in this way then GA will not be able to collect ecommerce events by itself. In this case, you will ne to perform additional integrations in Google Tag Manager.

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The situation is similar with the conversions goals that the automatic configuration will import from UA At first glance, it looks fantastic, but when we look at the official documentation from Google, it turns out that despite the import, GA will not be able  to automatically count these conversions, because Source ssupport ?hl=en To be clearer, GA creat of link site tags, . it will be connect to the Global Site Tag UA and will only receive events that will be sent in the form WS Database PH of gtag without routing. Targeting a tag means such configuration of the tag that indicates the service to which it should be sent.

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