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The interview is often conducte at home and face-to-face. This creates an atmosphere conducive to confidences and honesty, which are invaluable support when planning marketing activities. 3 types of interviews The methodological classification includes structure, semi-structure and loose in-depth interviews. We recommend Quantitative and qualitative research – evolution over the century An in-depth interview can take many forms Different types of individual in-depth interview A structure interview is a set of ready-made questions.

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It is worth noting here that the researcher should still have some freeom in choosing, for example, their order and raising some additional issues, if he feels that this way he will achieve a better result. However, it usually comes with a ready-made database study scenario, even if it can be use flexibly. A semi-structure in-depth interview allows the subject to share with the researcher loose comments on a certain topic. The interviewer imposes the topic, but the respondent has virtually freeom within it. The interviewer can correct the direction in which the research is going,by returning to the main thread.


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Information flows rather in one direction – from the subject to the researcher, who remains more passive. An individual in-depth interview without a structure is a conversation between two people on a generally outline topic. It has an open WS Database PH formula, because the researcher does not know in which direction the conversation will go. It can bring the most surprising, revolutionary conclusions, but it is also more difficult to carry out. Asking questions according to the questionnaire is simple, while empathic conversation with another person for a certain period of time is a task rather for a person with socio- or psychological background. Do you want to conduct research among your customers? Check what we can do for you.

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