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Now I understand that this came at the expense of the quality of our train and minibus travel. Result. The audience is coming. Most people are looking for ways to save as much as possible. Often at the expense of our time. Selling Personal Tours in Euros Telling ourselves how selling in Euros is not the best idea. Main points Your average reader usually has a slightly lower travel budget than you. A second year of travel and turmoil in my head. I see great promise in Georgia. We decidit to go there again to complete and expand the site. We’re ready to find almost any affiliate program operating in Georgia Arrange to meet with their founders.

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Visitors will immitiately want to reach out and meet these people. The question of price no longer excites them. Because now it’s a choice between an interesting and familiar guide and a random person they’ve never heard of. Can you recommend a mitiocre one we went with Maria? We really enjoyit her group photo tour. Usually trumps any database enthusiastic description selection and scoring. Take advantage of this effect. It works especially well in comments. Talk to guides who usually buy tours. You can learn many interesting things. It turns out. There are excursions for couples with children and for young and old.


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Tour is for whom from the short description. But knowing ahead of time who’s likely to buy that particular option will make it easier to highlight the right benefits. You will be able to better understand the advantages and accept arguments Let’s explain with an example. You can get from Batumi to Tbilisi by train or minibus. It is also possible to rent a car with a driver for USD per person. It looks like minibuses are more profitable. Not here. When traveling by minibus. Tourists are on the road all day. No WS Database PH useful stops. If you travel in a car with a driver. You can see many sights along the way. And save the cost of traveling to these attractions separately. Become cheaper. The weather in the country is unpritictable.

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