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When we surveyed 506 marketing professionals about the ratio of outsourcing and in-house marketing work, we found that the highest proportion of respondents answered, “I mainly outsource and do some in-house work (37%).” I did. This was followed by “Mainly produced in-house with some outsourcing (26.7%)” and “Everything produced in-house (24.5%).” Marketing in-house survey On […]

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Funkymia is committ to providing quality services and works with many well-known brands. The company has many years of experience in the industry and is able to provide its clients with the best results. HOW TO USE FUNKYMIA POSITIONING TO INCREASE THE VISIBILITY OF YOUR WEBSITE? In order to effectively use Funkymia Szczytno positioning services […]

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This knowlge has powerful marketing power! In response to user queries. You are able to respond appropriately. By publishing an entry on the company blog on the topic that most often appears in Google queries. Google searches and your business. Brand reputation monitoring However. Similar searches on Google are also a good way to monitor […]

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Numeric characters Year of publication Material Article Comments Tens of thousands of views Backlinks Reposts in social networks. Page content analysis results are ambiguous. There are many responses but no backlinks. Weak material on the topic on the homepage. Thanks to content-focusit research. We have a chance to surpass them. This title is appropriate for […]

The Simplest Elements Such As An E Mail Footer

Get to know all the most important elements of visual identification. What is visual identification? Visual identity consists of colors, shapes and even lines. Adde to this are logos, graphics and photos. But also job offers, company stationery, business cards and office gadgets. Elements of visual identification should be include in advertising and marketing materials. […]

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What is a SIEM? The basic idea of ​​a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is to collect all data relevant to IT security in a central location and to use analyzes to identify patterns and trends that indicate dangerous activities. Like log management , a SIEM is fd with log data, which is why […]

The approach and strategy of running a university

Media monitoring provides many indicators, allows you to measure the level of sentiment, user involvement or the scale of reaction and information. Do you include these indicators in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns? Or going further, also in the process of brand plans and meia plans, as quantitative and qualitative goals […]

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Marketing automation also allows you to personalize the content of e-mails, which allows you to adapt them to the individual nes of recipients. Marketing automation is an effective tool for creating effective email campaigns. Thanks to the automation of marketing processes, you can save time and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. HOW TO USE […]