Network’s technical architecture

Core Products and Services Data Collection Sensors Network provides flexible and efficient data collection solutions. Through self-developed SDK and API interfaces, enterprises can collect user behavior data on websites, mobile applications and mini-programs in real time. These data include various behaviors such as clicks, browsing, and purchases, providing a rich data foundation for subsequent in-depth analysis.

Data Storage In terms of data storage

Sensors Network uses estonia phone number distributed storage technologies such as Hadoop and HBase to ensure efficient storage and management of large-scale data. Its storage system is highly scalable and reliable, and can meet the growing data storage needs of enterprises.

Data Processing Data

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Rocessing is a core part of Sensors . The company Albania Phone Number uses big data processing frameworks such as Apache Spark for batch processing and real-time stream processing. Through data cleaning, conversion and aggregation, Sensors Network is able to transform raw data into valuable information for in-depth analysis by enterprises.


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