Last time we introduced the basics of webinar marketing

From webinar planning to management and follow-up. This time, we will explain the steps and how to use Zoom to hold a webinar. If you have any problems with digital marketing, please feel free to contact us. Introduction to marketing Difference between Zoom Last time we meeting and. Zoom webinar I think many people have used Zoom meetings as a web conferencing tool. The big difference between a Zoom meeting and a. Zoom webinar is that viewers don’t have microphones, cameras, or screen sharing. In a Zoom meeting, all participants can show their faces and share their screens to discuss things. In the case of a Zoom webinar, the host speaks to the audience. The main differences are as follows.


The number of participants* Maximum 100-1,000 people Phone Number List Last time we Maximum 500-10,000 people audio sharing All participants Host and panelists only video sharing All participants Host and panelists only screen sharing All participants Host and panelists only chat View participant list All participants Host and panelists only  By setting up a co-host, you can do things other than being a host. Panelists are speakers and management personnel who have received permission from the host and can use functions such as cameras, microphones, and screen sharing. Viewers cannot operate the camera or microphone, and can only use chat and Q&A. Features of Zoom webinar From my perspective as a host, the main characteristics are as follows.

You can start immediately with a capacity

Phone Number List

The maximum number of participants varies depending WS Database PH on your Zoom Webinar license, but you can start with up to 500 attendees. You can control what participants say etc. Unlike Zoom meetings, we limit who can speak. Therefore, from the perspective of those disseminating information, it may be easier to create an environment where it is easy to convey information. Only participants allowed by the organizer, the host, can speak. In addition to chat, you can interact using the Q&A function In addition to chat interactions, you can also answer questions from viewers in a threaded format. Also, it is easy to use because you can respond not only with text replies but also with verbal explanations. You can also download logs of chat conversations.

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