Medical University of South Carolina Begins Phase 2 of its Energy Savings Project

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) V Medical University of South Carolina Begins Phase has begun phase two of a comprehensive energy savings project on its campus. The school is working with Ameresco on the project. MUSC financed this project under an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) and will have Ameresco implement numerous energy conservation measures at 50 campus facilities. The combined project value for the two phases Ameresco has contracted with the University totals more than $43 million dollars in infrastructure improvements.

The University contracted Ameresco in March 2019

Commission, install and monitor new Medical University of South Carolina Begins Phase  equipment and energy management systems at half of the facilities on its campus, which are projected to Denmark Phone Number Data generate $3,271,000 in annual energy cost savings. The comprehensive energy conservation measures include replacement of campus lighting fixtures with high-efficiency LEDs, installation of building automation and control systems, upgrading HVAC systems and chiller plant optimization.

Under its 15-year contract term

Ameresco will also train university staff on how to operate and maintain its new equipment and systems. MUSC will benefit from significant reductions in energy China phone Number List consumption, reduced utility cost savings and improved facility environmental conditions. Additionally, the project addresses capital deferred maintenance needs funded entirely from guaranteed savings. This second phase will also improve facility operational efficiencies, preserve capital to address other campus improvement needs, and enhance the academic learning environment for its students and faculty.

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