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A very This is due to the fundamental nature of these emails – they are neither consider spam nor promotional messages, but rather thoughtful ones. Best Practices for Sending Automat Birthday Emails Now that you’re confident you’re moving in the right direction, here are some best practices that will help you get it right: Sending just one email on your client’s special day can get lost. They may not like to stay on their screens, be on vacation, party or sleep, and there is a good chance that your email will go unnotic.

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A very This is why we strongly recommend that you set up a “drip” campaign. Start sending Phone Number Data emails at least – days in advance and slowly increase the frequency until the last day. To create a sense of urgency, we highly recommend including a specific deadline. It could be something like: Use promo code BIRTHDAY, expires in days. Take conversion to the next level by sending your customers a bounce-back email once they’ve reem their coupons.

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This will serve as an active bait and help you close more sales. It is important that your automat emails focus on your customers. Personalize your email and don’t forget to mention that it’s an exclusive birthday offer just for them! Design your birthday email correctly. You can also get inspiration with birthday newsletter templates . The Next Steps Turkey Phone Number Automatically sending a birthday email to your customers is a great way to highlight the human side of your brand. Make them feel connect and show that you are thinking of them.

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