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The distinguishing feature may be factual or relate to the sphere of ideas or beliefs. Read more about differentiation strategy trends on the Commplace blog . Porter’s third competitive strategy is concentration. It’s about focusing on a specific segment, area or group of customers. Such specialization allows you to stand out. Especially if you can deal with this small section in a comprehensive way and provide, for example, the best service there. We recommend Porter’s five forces analysis – how to use it? In the books, Porter uses a chart to help you quickly estimate which strategy will work best in a particular case.

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An so a wide market and cost advantage give a cost leadership strategy. If the market is narrow and the company can compete on cost, the lowest cost strategy will be best. A narrow market and an advantage resulting from differentiation give Latest Mailing Database a concentration strategy, and a wide market and an advantage of differentiation indicate that it is worth betting on a differentiation strategy. In this way, on four colore fields, Porter presents in a nutshell which strategy can be useful in different business realities. Competitive strategy according to Porter How to compete according to Kotler.

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The second researcher who had a major impact on marketing concepts in general was Philip Kotler. We have already written about the lateral marketing he develope . Competitive strategy according to Kotler is the second important concept in his WS Database PH achievements. It distinguishes the strategy of leader, challenger, follower, niche and alliances. The names speak for themselves to some extent. The leader defends his position at the top, the challenger tries to surpass him, and the follower tries to catch up with those who are in the lead. A competitive niche strategy means the same as a concentration strategy.

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