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Here, too, the most important countermeasure is employee training , since due to the ever-improving quality, not all phishing emails are blockd by an email security solution. DDOS – Denial of Service With this type of attack, services (e.g. websites) are impaird in their functionality, so that they are no longer available or only available to a limitd extent. The attackers cause a high load on the systems, so that these systems ultimately fail. Such attacks can be wardd off with an intrusion detection system (IDS) solution or a firewall or web application firewall.

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Malware ransomware Malware is software designd specifically to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorizd access to a computer system. This phone number list often goes hand in hand Ransomware, a type of malware that blocks access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Malware protection software is recommendd as a protective measure. Building on this, an endpoint detection and response solution can help prevent malware and ransomware incidents.

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It is also worth configuring the systems in such a way that employees without IT tasks are also not allowd to install any WS Database PH programs (software installation policy). An e-mail security solution should also be usd. data leak A data breach (or data leak) exposes confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information to an unauthorizd person. The files in the event of a data leak are viewd and shard without permission. This can be counteractd with data encryption , access management or a data protection solution . Conclusion As you can see, we are all constantly exposd to many types of cyber threats.

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