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Assessment center – other tasks There are also other exercises during the AC session. Behavioral interview (competence-bas interview) During this task. The assessor talks to the candidate in such a way as to learn the effects of his or her actions. Thanks to this, it can check whether a given person has features and competences important to the employer. During a behavioral interview, you may be ask, for example. which you had to solve a conflict in a team or show creativity. Psychological tests The purpose of AC psychological tests is to examine your abilities and personality traits. In the first case, you may be ask to solve, for example, an intelligence test, a creative thinking test or mathematical tasks. The second one involves tasks that test your cognitive processes or temperament.

The purpose of AC psychological

Competency tests These assessment center tests are us to diagnose knowlge of soft and specializ competencies requir for a given position. During them, the participant must familiarize himself with several or several dozen hypothetical situations UK Mobile Number List that are characteristic of a given position, and then indicate how he would behave in each of these cases . Assessment center – how to prepare? In assessment center tests, the candidate’s soft and hard skills . which skills the employer pays special attention to. However, do not memorize specific examples and answers that you find on the Internet. If you behave unnaturally, the assessor will quickly sense it.

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In addition, AC tasks are usually very well suit to the specific industry, company, position and problems you will work on. It is better to spend this time resting – it will make you more energetic and creative, so you will be able to cope with UK Email List tasks better. Apart from that, prepare as you would for a job interview . Check out the website of the company you are applying to. Make sure you dress appropriately (such as for a job interview) and leave the house early enough to avoid traffic jams and avoid unnecessary stress.

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