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Joanna Horoszko February , You will read in ~ min. In recent days. Owners of websites with Universal Analytics may have notic a top bar with a new message and receiv emails from Google saying Many of you are probably asking yourself will the automatic analytics update also affect your property? or let Google automatically set up and configure the GA service for your site? will automatic configuration make me have of the same data in GA as in Universal Analytics? if you already have GA configur according to your nes, will the automatic configuration also reach your service.

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An if so, won’t it deleteoverwrite your settings? how to opt out of automatic analytics configuration? until when should I resign from the automatic configuration of GA ? In this article, I will try to dispel your doubts and present all the advantages and disadvantages of automatic the best decision for you. Will the phone number list automatic update of Analytics also affect your property? By default – yes. And it is worth noting here that the automatically creat GA will be in a basic form, quot by Google Such a service will contain basic configurations select bas on your current settings and use eisting site tags where possible.

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A new option has appear in each Universal Analytics service, which is enabl by default – that is, it has consent to automatically update from UA to GA If you click on the slider and turn off the automatic configuration option, Google will not automatically make any changes – that is, if you do not have a GA service, Google will not set it up for you, you will have to set it up yourself. And if you already have a GA service and you still have the above slider WS Database PH set to ‘on’, Google will make some changes to your GA service.

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