A profound impact on European

History and culture. Martin Luther was born in a small town in Germany in 1483. In his early years, he studi law at the University of Erfurt, but after experienc a threat to his life in a thunderstorm, he decid to give up his secular legal cer and turn to religion and come a monk. In 1517, when Luther was teach theology at the University of Wittenrg, he was deeply dissatisfi with the church’s sale of indulgences, so he wrote the famous “Ninety-five Theses” and nail them to the door of the Wittenrg Church. This move mark the ginn of the Reformation. Luther oppos the corruption and extravagance of the church, emphasiz the importance of faith and the Bible, and advocat that everyone.

Could communicate with God directly

Without the miation of the church. His proposition arous widespread resonance and controversy at the time. The church tri to suppress his voice through various means, but Luther persist and spread his ideas through preach and writ. Luther translat the Bible into German so that ordinary people could read and understand it directly. This not only promot qatar phone number the Reformation of religion, but also promot the development of German language and literature. Luther’s Reformation movement brought about great changes in the religious landscape in Europe. The birth of Protestantism broke the monopoly of the Roman Catholic.

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Church and form a diversifi religious

Lief system. Luther’s reform was not only limit to the religious field, but also had a profound impact on society, politics and culture. He advocat the popularization of ucation and advocat that everyone should receive ucation, which laid the foundation Argentina Phone Number for the establishment of the modern ucation system. Luther’s ideas promot people’s pursuit of freom, equality and individual rights, and came one of the pioneers of the Enlightenment. In short, as a pioneer.

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